Bypass Codes

Get Bypass Codes from CalNet Account Manager

You can request passcodes by logging in to the CalNet Account Manager and selecting Get Bypass Codes at the bottom of the Device Control Panel screen.

We recommend printing bypass codes and storing them in a secure location as soon as you set up 2-Step

To use these baypass codes to authenticate, log in to your CalNet account with your usual credentials.

Once the Duo screen is prompted, showing your default device choice, select "Other Options" located at the bottom. 

Then, select "Bypass code" located toward the bottom of the list of verification devices.

Enter one of the backup codes you received earlier from CalNet Account Manager into the field below, and click verify. You're done!

Doing the 2-Step with Passcodes

Did you know? You can use a passcode from the Duo App to complete the 2-Step on your smart phone from anywhere in the world -- even if you do not have a wifi or cellular connection!

1. Log In to CalNet

Log in to your CalNet account with your usual credentials. This is your first-step verification.

Log in to CalNet

2. Enter a Passcode

When you are prompted to do a 2-Step, "Duo Mobile Passcode" will show up if it is the default 2-Step choice. If it is not the default when prompted to enter your credentials, select "Other options." 

Note: Passcodes are single-use only; you must enter a new passcode each time you verify. Duo deactivates any old, unused passcodes once you request new ones. 

Passcodes can be generated from the Duo Mobile app or taken from your most recently saved batch of requested passwords from CalNet Account Manager. (See Requesting Passcodes for instructions on how to get one or more passcodes.)