Using Passcodes

Doing the 2-Step with Passcodes

Did you know? You can use a passcode from the Duo App to complete the 2-Step on your smart phone from anywhere in the world -- even if you do not have a wifi or cellular connection!

1. Log In to CalNet

Log in to your CalNet account with your usual credentials. This is your first-step verification.

Log in to CalNet

2. Enter a Passcode

To do the second-step verification using a passcode, select Enter a Passcode. At the next window, enter one of your passcodes. 

Note: Passcodes are single-use only; you must enter a new passcode each time you verify. Duo deactivates any old, unused passcodes once you request new ones. 

Passcodes can be generated from the Duo Mobile app's Key icon or taken from your most recently saved batch. (See Requesting Passcodes for instructions on how to get one or more passcodes.)

Passcodes also can be generated from hardware tokens, sometimes called security tokens. If you're using a YubiKey plugged into your computer's USB port, press the light on your YubiKey and it will automatically populate the passcode field for you.  If you're using another hardware security token, push the token's button which will generate a passcode for you to enter manually.