Enroll a YubiKey as an HOTP Token

Using a YubiKey as an HOTP Token for 2-Step

Want to use a YubiKey for 2-Step Verification? There are two ways with newer YubiKeys: U2F and OATH HOTP. Here's how to do the latter (note: if your browser supports using U2F, U2F enrollment is much easier):

1. Purchase Your YubiKey and fill out form.

Work with your department’s buyer to purchase your YubiKey. The Yubico website shows the types of YubiKeys available. CalNet recommends YubiKey 4 Series Security Keys as they have both U2F and OATH-HOTP capability.

2. Configure Your YubiKey

When you receive your YubiKey, configure it to generate the following information:

  • Serial Number (in decimal format)
  • Private Identity
  • Secret Key to add the YubiKey

See these instructions on how to generate your YubiKey configuration:

3. Request CalNet Assistance to Enroll Your YubiKey

Contact calnet-admin@berkeley.edu to request the enrollment of your YubiKey. Please provide your name and CalNet ID. We will give you instructions on how to securely send your YubiKey Serial Number, Private Identity and Secret Key information to us.