Getting Started with 2-Step

Step Up to Better Security - do the CalNet 2-Step!

What Is 2-Step?

CalNet 2-Step Verification is an added layer of protection for your CalNet account. After you enter your CalNet ID and passphrase, you will be prompted for a second step using a verification device, such as a smartphone. Here’s how it works.

All staff and faculty are required to enroll with 2-Step in two cohorts:

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How Do I Get Started?

Don't have a smartphone? See other options for 2-Step Devices

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Win an iPad! 

If you are enrolled in 2-Step, you can enter to win one of four iPads.

Why 2-Step?

Do you think your passphrase alone is enough to keep identity thieves from getting into your account? Think again! You could be at risk of having your passphrase stolen if you:

  • click the links in email messages
  • download software online
  • infrequently change your passphrase
  • use the same passphrase for multiple accounts

If an identity thief steals your CalNet ID and passphrase, they can:

  • delete your contacts and files
  • lurk in your email account to get information about your work
  • use your account to get to your personal accounts (bank, credit card, etc.)
  • impersonate you to gain access to your contacts’ accounts
  • divert your paycheck to themself

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