If You Missed the 2-Step Deadline

What to Do if You Missed Your 2-Step Requirement Deadline




  • Enter your CalNet ID and passphrase.  You will immediately be directed to the screen below to enroll with the CalNet 2-Step Verification service.

Screenshot 2017-10-05 at 12.15.29.png

  • Click the green Start setup button to set up your verification device and following directions online. Instructions for setting up a device are published here. You need to successfully set up your verification device before you can enter the application. If you can only use a simple hardware token, contact calnet2-stephelp@berkeley.edu for assistance. 
  • The NEED HELP WITH CALNET 2-STEP? link directs you to this webpage
  • After you set up your device, please print your backup passcodes. For more information, go here.