Passcodes and SMS Texts

Requesting Passcodes

If you need new passcodes, there are multiple ways you can request them.

Using "Text Me New Passcode"

Using the Duo Mobile Application

Getting Texted Passcodes from CalNet Account Manager

Using Backup Codes in CalNet Account Manager

Using a Hardware Token

Text Me New Codes

Log in to your CalNet account with your usual credentials

Log in to CalNet

When you are prompted to do a 2-Step, "Text message passcode" will show up if it is the default 2-step choice. If it is not the default, when prompted to enter your credentials, select "Other options." You will be taken to a page with other verification options. Select "Text message passcode". 

Then, check your cell phone for a text message with a single use passcode and enter it in the field, and press verify.

Get Passcode From Duo Mobile

On your phone, go to Duo Mobile. Tap the entry that says "CalNet - UC Berkeley" to view a passcode. This works anywhere, even in places where you don't have a WiFi connection or can't get cell service.

Get Texted Passcodes from CalNet Account Manager

To receive a text message with 10 passcodes, go to and log in to the CalNet Account Manger. Select Manage My 2-Step on the left menu. Then, when you are presented with the Device Control Panel, click into the box that says Enter a Passcode. A blue line will appear at the bottom of the Device Control Panel that has a link to "Text Me New Codes." Click the link and check your text messages for a set of single-use passcodes.

Shows the DUO device control panel with blue line that appears when you click into the passcode box

Get Backup Passcodes from CalNet Account Manager

You can also request passcodes by logging in to the CalNet Account Manager and selecting "Get Backup Passcodes" at the bottom of the Device Control Panel screen.

To use these backup passcodes to authenticate, log in to your CalNet account with your usual credentials.

Once the Duo screen is prompted showing your default device choice, select "Other Options" located at the bottom. 

Then, select "Bypass code" located toward the bottom of the list of verification devices.

Enter one of the backup codes you received earlier from CalNet Account Manager into the field below, and click verify. You're done!

Get a Passcode from a Simple Hardware Token

Press the red power symbol on your simple hardware token. A numerical code will appear on the token’s screen.

Note: Passcodes are single-use only; you must enter a new passcode each time you verify.