How to Set Yourself up as the Only Manager in your Synced Google Groups

By default, all members of your folder’s Admin group will automatically show up in Google Groups as managers of the synced Google groups.  This is because the Admin group that comes with your Org or App folder is automatically added with admin privileges to the sub groups or folders created within your folder.

If you want to set yourself up as the only manager in the synced Google groups but want to preserve the members of your Admin group, we recommend that you create a separate admin group with only yourself as a member.  Then, grant that group admin privileges to the folder in which you create your groups. Should someone else take over for you as group manager, you simply need to add that person to the new admin group and remove yourself.


Create a Subfolder with its Own Admin group


Org Folder: DEPT

Org Folder Admin Group: DEPT-Admin

Subfolder: DEPT-Sub

Subfolder Admin Group: DEPT-Sub-Admin


  • Under the DEPT folder, create a new folder (DEPT-Sub).  

  • Under the DEPT-Sub folder, create an admin group (DEPT-Sub-Admin) and add yourself to the new group.

  • In the DEPT-Sub folder, grant the DEPT-Sub-Admin group admin privileges. In addition, remove the DEPT-Admin group’s privileges that were created automatically.

  • Create your groups under the DEPT-Sub folder.  


If you are creating groups for others and don't want to appear as a manager/member in Google, you can use the above method to create the groups.  When you're done, you can remove yourself from the DEPT-Sub-Admin group.  You will no longer see the groups you created, however.  If you need to make changes, add yourself back to the DEPT-Sub-Admin group.

Detailed instructions for folder/group creation in CalGroups can be found here.