CalNet Deputy Program

The CalNet deputy progream was retired several years ago when CalNet transitioned to a new Identity system. If you are in a role that requires access to view identity records, assist users with setting up their CalNet credentials, or other CalNet-related support tasks, your supervisor may request that you be given access to the CalNet Admin Tool.

CalNet Admin Tool (CAT)

Utilize this tool to review a user's identity record. 

If you need access to CAT for a legitimate business purpose, have your supervisor email the following to:

 See instructions for using CAT, here. (available only to current CAT users)

Users with existing CalNet accounts who have Recovery Email Addresses can use CalNet Account Manager/mycalnet to reset a lost passphrase, change a known passphrase, or make a one-time change to their CalNet ID. Users who do not have a Recovery Email Address and cannot log in will need to contact for assistance.

CalNet 2-Step Deputy Cheat Sheet

Assist your colleagues set up, use, and obtain additional help with CalNet 2-Step. 

How to Claim an Account

Here, you can find links for users to claim their new CalNet account based upon their campus affiliation (employee, student, affiliate, guest, etc).

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