CalNet Guest Account Sponsor Guide

Important Notes about using the Guest Application

  • Email addresses that are already affiliated with any type of CalNet account cannot be used to create a new guest. If you attempt to sponsor a guest who's email is already affiliated with a CalNet account, you may not get an error message -- but, your guest will not be able to activate their account. In this case, contact for additional assistance.
  • Guests who attempt to activate their account and experience an error that their token is invalid will need to be deleted and re-invited. You must email and ask to have the guest deleted in order to reinvite them.
  • Although it may appear that sponsors can delete guests in the guest application, doing so does not actually delete delete guests from the CalNet system. If you need to delete a guest, email to request assistance.
  • The guest application is old and buggy, but as long as you are patient with it and email if you experience trouble, you should be able to invite guests as you need to.
  • If you extend a guest, it can take up to an hour to take effect. You cannot extend a guest that has already expired.