Guest and Affiliate Accounts


Students, faculty, and staff are eligible for CalNet accounts by nature of their official affiliation with the campus. People who are temporarily affiliated with the campus are divided into two broad categories: HCM Affiliates and CalNet Guests.

Generally, anyone who is paid by the University or needs access to restricted campus services needs an HCM Affiliate account which must be initiated through the campus HR system. 

People who are not paid by the University and are collaborating on a project, attending a conference or auditing a class are eligible for a CalNet Guest account, which does not require entry into the HR system.

HCM Affiliates have access to some services that CalNet Guests do not. Guests, for example, are not eligible for bMail accounts. If you need to know whether your HCM Affiliate or CalNet Guest will be able to access a specific service, please contact the service owner directly.

Create either an HCM Affiliate account or CalNet Guest account by navigating to one of the links, below:

CalNet Guest Accounts

CalNet Affiliate Accounts