CalNet Legacy Guests

What is a CalNet Legacy Guest account?

The legacy CalNet Guest system is being retired in summer, 2019.

CalNet Legacy Guest accounts give guests limited access to campus services, such as bCourses, for up to one year. Guests need to be sponsored by active faculty or staff with an employee role. Once a guest account expires, it cannot be reactivated. Expired guest accounts must be deleted by the CalNet team before they can be invited to a new Guest account.

CalNet Guest accounts are NOT meant for enrolled Students, Employees or CalNet Affiliates. See CalNet Guest Account Eligibility and Guest and Affiliate Accounts if you need to determine whether to create a CalNet Guest or CalNet Affiliate account. Guests are not eligible for bMail accounts and do not appear in the campus directory.

For technical details on Guest Accounts, see Guests OU.

To create a Guest Account, go to: Please review the CalNet Guest Account Sponsor Guide before creating an account.