VPN and AirBears2 Eligibility

Access to bSecure Remote Access Service and AirBears2 is based on your affiliation. Affiliations are set by campus systems of record, such as Student Information Systems and UCPath. Find out more about campus affiliations, here: People OU Affiliations.

To find out what affiliations you currently have, go to mycalnet.berkeley.edu, log in with your CalNet credentials, and review the My Affiliations section.

Access by Affiliation

Find out what affiliations are allowed to access these services by reviewing the following Knowledge Base articles:

bSecure Remote Access Service Eligibility

Airbears2/eduroam WiFi Service Eligibility

Find out more about campus Wifi, here: https://technology.berkeley.edu/wi-fi

Help! I can't access VPN or AirBears2

If you are unable to access these services,  submit a ticket with the helpdesk.