Deputy Toolbox

CalNet Admin Tool (CAT)

Utilize this tool to review a user's identity record. To be granted access to CAT, deputies must have their supervisor email with the deputy's full name, UID and confirmation of FERPA training. See instructions for using CAT, here.

Send users with existing CalNet accounts who have Recovery Email Addresses to this tool to reset a lost passphrase, change a known passphrase, or make a one-time change to their CalNet ID.

CalNet 2-Step Deputy Cheat Sheet

Help your colleagues set up, use, and obtain help with CalNet 2-Step. 

How to Claim an Account

Here, you can find links for users to claim their new CalNet account based upon their campus affiliation (employee, student, affiliate, guest, etc).

Quick Links:

Level of Assurance Requirements

Refer to this webpage to review LOA requirements  -- how to verify identity.

CalNet Deputy List