Deputy Training

Before you complete training, please review How to Become a CalNet Deputy.

About Deputy Training

A CalNet deputy is a trusted individual who has been designated by a campus administrative authority to assist new users set up and manage their CalNet IDs and passphrases.

A CalNet deputy must always verify the ID of a user seeking assistance. Deputies must not provide any account information to a user before verifying ID.

The CalNet Deputy training includes instructions on how to properly vet user identity and how to assist users to manage their own identities via the tools at

Information obtained as a result of performing CalNet deputy duties may not be used for any other purpose.

These training materials are intended to be used by deputies as quick reference guides for completing deputy tasks in the future. If you have any questions about the training or performing deputy tasks, please email

Once you have reviewed the training materials, you will need to take the deputy Quiz. A passing score is 8/10 questions.

FERPA Training

In addition to this web-based training, you need to complete the eCourse titled "Privacy of Student Records: Are You Revealing Too Much? (FERPA)."

Be sure to use Internet Explorer to complete your FERPA training if you are using a PC. To find the training in the UC Learning Center, log in via, click the link for UCB Learning Center, and search for "FERPA".

Click here to start CalNet Deputy Training