How to Become a CalNet Deputy

A CalNet deputy is a trusted individual who has been designated by a campus administrative authority to assist new users set up and manage their CalNet IDs and passphrases. 

Departments can select any number of individuals to serve as CalNet deputies. Each CalNet deputy will have authority to assist only those faculty and staff in the units explicitly identified by the 5-letter departmental "Org Node" department code on their application form.  Authorization for an Org Node at one level does NOT imply authorization at lower levels for that node.  A list of Org Nodes is available online at:

Steps to become a CalNet Deputy

Information obtained as a result of performing CalNet deputy actions may only be used to assist a user create and manage their campus accounts.

Cancellation of deputy privileges

Deputy privileges are cancelled if a CalNet deputy:

  • leaves the University

  • is inactive for two years

  • transfers to a new department

Deputies who transfer to a new department and want to gain deputy privileges for that unit must submit a new application. However, the deputy does not need to retake the deputy training unless requirements have changed since the training was originally completed. 

Please email to cancel your deputy privileges for any reason.