Using CalNet Account Manager

CalNet Account Manager

CalNet Account Manager (CAM) is a self-service tool that students, employees and affiliates can use to create and manage their CalNet accounts. Users can use CAM to:

  • change their existing CalNet passphrase
  • change their CalNet ID (once, only)
  • update their Recovery Email Address
  • Manage their 2-Step settings

Users can only use CAM to change their CalNet ID or recover a forgotten CalNet ID or passphrase if they have an existing Recovery Email Address.  

What is my Recovery Email Address is missing or outdated?

If you need to update your Recovery Email Address and you CAN log in to CalNet, log in to and set it.

If you do NOT have a Recovery Email Address and you CAN NOT log in, you will not be able to use to recover a lost passphrase. You will need to get assistance. See below.

How do I add a Recovery Email Address if I cannot log in?

  1. Go in person to the Cal1Card office with a government-issued photo ID.

  2. Send an email to with your employee, student ID or CalNet ID and a request to set your Recovery Email Address. You will be required to provide additional information to verify your identity before the request will be processed.