CalNet User Terms of Service

CalNet is a unified directory service and authentication infrastructure.  It is intended to provide campus departments with a centralized means by which they can validate users who need or wish to access departmental applications, as well as to obtain authoritative information about users. The infrastructure can be used by applications for public directory service, lookups, authorization, and authentication.

  • You will choose your username, or CalNet ID, when creating your CalNet account.  You will need to know your campus ID number, i.e. student, employee, or affiliate ID.
  • Students will verify identity via the MyBerkeley Application before creating CalNet account. Staff, faculty and affiliates must visit a CalNet Deputy to show identity credentials in order to set up a CalNet account.
  • You must abide by CalNet passphrase requirements.
  • A CalNet passphrase must not be revealed to any other person for any reason.  CalNet users will be held responsible if inappropriate activities are conducted under the authority of your CalNet ID by another person with whom you have intentionally shared your CalNet passphrase.
  • Users must abide by applicable policies governing the use of Berkeley Campus computers and the network. (See Campus IT policies.)
  • Campus services that are accessed online using CalNet may have additional conditions for use. CalNet users are required to familiarize themselves with and comply with these conditions.

If you are a campus technologist, please visit CalNet Terms of Service.