IT Help Desk and CalNet Support

We're here to help! UC Berkeley offers a variety of assistance for students, faculty and staff with IT trouble or needs. If you aren't sure who to ask for help, submit a trouble ticket to ITCS at

IT Help Desk

Most IT problems can be solved by the ITCS Service Desk. Submit a trouble ticket to ITCS at:

Knowledge Base

Search the campus Knowledge Base for help on most campus services. The KB has answers to most of your questions as well as tips, tricks and frequently asked questions. See: to get started.

Search our website! has plenty of information on how to set up and use CalNet services. Just enter a key word in the search bar in the upper right hand corner, or poke around the major web menus.

2-Step Help

2-Step support is provided by the ITCS Service Desk. You can open a 2-Step ticket by emailing

Student Information Services

Students and student delegates having problems with campus services such as registration, payments, or classes should contact

UC Berkeley Alums

Alumni, register for an alumni account at: or contact the Cal Alumni Association directly for assistance:

CalNet Developer Support

If you are a campus technologist and have questions related to certificates, CalGroups, LDAP, Kerberos, CAS or other CalNet services for technologists, see Resources for Developers or email: