Known Issues

CalNet operates a complex suite of applications that supports the Identity and Access Management functions of the University.  If we know of an issue that impacts the CalNet portfolio, we will post it on this page.  If you support technology that depends on CalNet tools, this is the first place to look to understand if there is a known issue that could be affecting your services. 

We work on isolating and fixing issues as they arise. An issue will be logged here if it can be reproduced consistently, if it is currently being worked on, and if it is an issue that is observed across campus systems. Outages, feature enhancements, and low priority problems will not be recorded on this page.

Known Issues

Issue: Some users see the 2-Step screen in a smaller-than-normal window due to a caching issue.

Workaround: Force a reload of the browser window. See: for instructions. For the Android GlobalProtect VPN client, clearing the app storage cache, or reinstalling the app should also clear this condition.

Issue: After updating preferred name in the campus Directory, LDAP attributes cn, sn and given name may be multi-valued, resulting in the old name being  occasionally displayed.

Workaround: Because the Directory update tool writes directly to LDAP, Berkeley Person Registry won't pick up the change and incorporate it into its Primary Name logic (which will only allow these attributes to be single-valued) until an overnight sync occurs. Wait until the next day to verify that the attributes cn, sn and given name have been repopulated accordingly. If the issue persists, you may open a ticket with CalNet by writing to and ask for the incorrect name to be removed from the directory.