Do the CalNet 2-Step!

How Do I 2-Step?

  1. Enroll your verification devices - more is better!
  2. Sign in as usual with your CalNet ID and passphrase.
  3. When prompted, use an enrolled device to perform the second step. Examples: click the button to send  a push notification to your smart phone or enter a passcode in the box.
  4. Make it easy on yourself, and tell your browser to remember you for 30 days.
  5. That's it! Check out our cool video to see 2-Step in action.

CalNet 2-Step Verification helps you ensure that you are the only person who can access your CalNet account, even if someone steals your password.  You will log in using your CalNet credentials and as a second step, reconfirm your identity using a verification device. Here’s how it works.

All employees, affiliates, and students are required to use 2-Step verification at UC Berkeley, including faculty, staff, visiting scholars, post-docs, volunteers, undergraduates and graduate students. Alumni in grace and alums who have an SIS-Extended affiliation are also required to 2-Step. Only CalNet Guests and alumni outside of their grace period are exempt from the requirement.

Support for 2-Step is provided by IT Client Services. You can open a 2-Step ticket by emailing: