CalNet Active Directory (CalNetAD)

Synchronize Passphrase

This tool is being retired in September 16 2019

If a user needs to synchronize their passphrase between CalNet and Active Directory, they have two options:

Sync Tool

Have the user navigate to the tool above, where they will press a button and then authenticate with their CalNet ID and passphrase to sync.

Change CalNet Passphrase Page

Have the user navigate to the tool above, where they will authenticate and then enter their existing CalNet passphrase in all three input fields of the change passphrase form (in effect changing the passphrase to what it already is).

Both of these options will sync the passphrase between CalNet and AD in close to real time.

A user’s passphrase is also synchronized if they change their passphrase to something new.

About CalNet Active Directory (CalNetAD)

The CalNetAD service is managed primarily by the IST Windows Services group. For more information, please visit the IST Services Website.

For help with generating host- and service-based principals, and downloading their keys into keytab files from CalNetAD, see the KeyTab Information page.