2-Step Tips and Best Practices

2-Step Tips and Best Practices

Do the Push!

Using the Duo Mobile app to send a Push is the easiest verification method! Just set up your smartphone. The next time you arrive at the 2-step screen, select Send Me a Push. You will receive a notification on your phone.  

All you need to do is to tap on that notification, approve and you’re in! 

Why is Push the best? Check out this informative fact sheet from Duo -- you'll agree with us, Push is the way to go!

Please note that is it important that the DUO app remains up to date for key functionality. We recommend that everyone enable auto-updates for the DUO app. 

Enroll More Than One Device

Yes, you can and should enroll more than one device. When you get to your second step verification, you can choose which device to use.  We recommend you enroll every device you can, and try using them all to see what feels most comfortable for you.

Have Your Backup Passcodes Ready

What if you left your phone (or other verification device) at home? If you have backup passcodes, you can still log in. We recommend printing backup passcodes and storing them in a secure location as soon as you set up 2-Step. Get your passcodes from CalNet Account Manager. Go here to find out how. 

Remember Me for 30 Days

If you don’t want to do the second step verification each time you log in, you can have 2-Step remember you for 30 days on a specific computer and web browser. How? The next time you get prompted to do the 2-Step, check the "Remember Me for 30 Days" checkbox before you complete the 2-Step.  Remember Me is a web browser cookie, so it applies only to the computer and browser that you are currently working in -- if you check the box on your work computer, your home computer won't remember you. You can check Remember Me on any computer that you use regularly and that you trust. Don't click Remember Me on a public or shared computer!

Please Note: Some versions of Safari are not able to use the Remember Me for 30 days option. 

Lost Your Phone or Got a New Phone?

Check out this handy guide!

Use Duo for Other Accounts!

Now that you've set up 2-Step, you can use Duo to add the security of 2-factor authentication to other important accounts -- such as your Amazon, Coinbase app, or bank accounts. In general, you would log in to the service you want to use Duo with, find the Advanced Security Settings, and then enable 2FA, or 2-factor authentication using the same method of scanning a QR code that we used to set up 2-Step for CalNet. Check out this blog post on how to use Duo for your Amazon account.

Have a Question?

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