Special Purpose Accounts (SPA)

Do you need access to an existing SPA? 

If you are not a Direct Member of a SPA that you need access to, send your full name, department, and UID to calnet-admin@berkeley.edu for assistance.

Special Purpose Accounts, or SPAs, are CalNet IDs that can be shared by multiple users for collaborative purposes. They are often used to set up department bMail accounts or file shares.

Only employees can create a SPA account, but you can add employees, students, HCM affiliates, and guests as Direct Members of a SPA. 

Getting Started

How do I create a new SPA?

Staff and Faculty can use the Special Purpose Accounts Admin App to create and manage SPAs: https://idc.berkeley.edu/spa/

How do I share my SPA?

There are two ways to share a SPA:

Which one should you use? 

What can I do with my SPA?

SPAs are allowed access to authorized applications such as the bConnected suite of services, the bConnected Manage Your Account app, and the CalNet Manage My Keys app. SPAs are also provisioned into the CAMPUS.BERKELEY.EDU AD domain under the FSA (Faculty, Staff and Affiliates) OU. Other campus and cloud-based applications will become available to SPAs in the future. 

Contact Us

To create SPAs and manage membership, use the Special Purpose Accounts Admin App

If you have any questions regarding SPA CalNet IDs, contact itcsshelp@berkeley.edu.