Tips for Doing the 2-Step

Tips for Doing the 2-Step

Do the Push!

It’s the easiest 2-Step verification method! Just set up your smartphone. The next time you log into CAS and get to the second step verification screen, select Send Me a Push. You will receive a notification on your phone.  All you need to do is to tap on that notification, approve and you’re in!

Enroll More Than One Device

Yes, you can and should enroll more than one device. When you get to your second step verification, you can choose which device to use.  

Have Your Backup Passcodes Ready

What if you left your phone (your verification device) at home? If you have backup passcodes, you can still log in. We recommend printing backup passcodes and storing them in a secure location as soon as you set up 2-Step. Get your passcodes from CalNet Account Manager. Go here to find out how. 

Remember Me for 30 Days

If you don’t want to do the second step verification each time you log in, you can have your account set to remember you for 30 days, which is good for each browser you use.  How? The next time you do the 2-Step, check the "Remember Me for 30 Days" checkbox before you authenticate. 

If the Remember Me for 30 Days is greyed out for you, do this the next time you have to authenticate:

  • At the second step (Duo login), select Send Me a Push
  • When you see that the pushed login request is sent to your device, click Cancel and then Dismiss.
  • You should now see that the Remember me for 30 days checkbox is active.  Select that.
  • Select Send Me a Push and continue with your authentication.

You will now be remembered by that browser on that computer.

See FAQ  question - Why is Remember Me for 30 Days greyed out for more information.

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