CalNet Guest Account Eligibility & Access

Who qualifies for a CalNet Guest account?

A CalNet Guest ID is a temporary (up to a one year period), unpaid (by UC Berkeley) research or development collaborator. For example a Guest may be collaborating with UC Berkeley faculty on a research project, auditing a course in bCourses, or assisting campus administrators on an administrative initiative.

Who does not qualify for a CalNet Guest account?

It is important to note that the CalNet Guest account is not a replacement for existing Human Resources Affiliate program maintained in the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. See Requesting Affiliate IDs from CSS for information on the CalNet Affiliate creation process. Human Resources will continue to support the following existing Affiliates, who are not eligible for CalNet Guest accounts:

• Consultant
• Contractor
• Committee Member
• HHMI Researcher
• LBL/DOE Post Doc
• LBLOP Staff (can only be added by LBL CalNet Deputy)
• Retired (can only be added by the Retirement Center)
• Temp Agency Staff
• Visiting Scholar
• Visiting Student Researcher
• Volunteer
• UC/OP Affiliated Orgs

What services can a CalNet Guest access?

Only a small number of campus services, such as bCourses, can be accessed by CalNet Guest accounts. If your Guest needs access to bCourses, additional steps must be taken: see Give a CalNet Guest account access to bCourses.

CalNet Guest accounts can log in to a networked computer only if given access by an AD admin. Sponsors must contact their department for assistance.

CalVisitor wireless access is available for everyone on campus, including Guests, to use for wireless connections via a personal laptop or mobile device.

Guests are NOT eligible for:

  • bMail accounts
  • Library privileges
  • Cal1Cards
  • Listing in the campus directory

If you are an application provider and would like to take advantage of this service as it is currently designed (with no new features), please email the CalNet Team at about obtaining CalNet Directory access to support your authorization needs.