Enroll a YubiKey as a U2F Token

Before Enrolling Your YubiKey as a U2F Token

Add Another Device

After enrolling your first device, insert your U2F token into your computer's USB port.

Insert Token

  • From My Settings and Devices in the 2-Step Device Control Panel, select Add another device. Note: You will be asked to log in to the panel itself using an existing 2-Step device. After you 2-Step to access the panel, you will be able to continue adding your U2F token. 

  • At What type of device are you adding? select Security Key and click Continue

  • A prompt will appear with instructions on what to do if you do not see the pop-up window. Click Continue.

  • Insert your token, and when you see this prompt, tap it.

Enrollment Completed!

Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your U2F token. When you log in with your CalNet ID, you will be prompted for a second-step verification. Insert your hardware token and tap it to log in.