Simple Hardware Token

Simple OTP (one-time password) hardware tokens are available at no cost for anyone who does not have a smart phone or alternative 2-Step device. We recommend that you use a smart phone with Duo Push for the CalNet 2-Step.

Obtaining a Token

If you have an urgent need for a Simple Hardware Token, you will need to email We will work with you to determine if a hardware token is necessary, and determine how best to get one to you.

Hardware tokens are not currently available for in-person pickup due to Covid-19.

Using a Token

If you already have a Simple Hardware Token, you must register it before you can use it:

Step 1: Register your Simple Hardware Token

  1. Register your token using this form:

  2. You will receive an email notification when your token is registered.

Step 2: Try it out

  1. Once you have received confirmation that your token is registered, go to’s Manage 2-Step Verification page.

  2. Enter your CalNet ID and passphrase to log in as usual to the CAS screen.

  3. When the 2-Step screen appears, click the Enter a Passcode button. 

  1. Next, tap the red power symbol on your Simple Hardware Token. A numerical code will appear on the token’s screen.

  2. If you hold down the red button too long, it will display all; 8s. Let the token be until the screen clears, and try again.

  1. Type the code that appears on your token into the field for the passcode on the 2-Step screen

  2. If you want this web browser on this computer to remember you and not prompt you for 2-Step for 30 days, click the checkbox to Remember me...

  3. Click Log In.


Ta da!  You have successfully done the 2-Step.

Note: you will see your token listed as a device when you log in to the 2-Step Device Control Panel.

Step 3: Print your backup passcodes

Before leaving, please take a moment to click the blue Get Backup Passcodes button, and print your codes. Click here to find out more about backup passcodes.