Affiliate Criteria

  • Personnel Status code is N. This indicates that the record is a non-employee record.
  • Personnel Type code is not H or A. H is for Academic Prehire tracking, A is an Unpaid Student Faciliator.
  • Employee Status is A, L, or P. A is active, L is on unpaid leave, P is paid leave.
  • The appointment begin date is no more than 3 months later than the pull date. This allows departments to give new affiliates CalNet IDs prior to their actual start date.
  • The appointment end date is no more than 6 months earlier than the pull date. This allows us to pick up termination dates that are entered after the actual termination.
  • If the person is a visiting scholar or visiting student researcher, they must have paid fees to the VSPA office within the last 365 days.